Mother's Day E-Card for Google Slides


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Students will learn how to turn their Google Slides into a simple PDF file that they can e-mail, print, or share with their loved one(s).



Make it a Happy Mother's Day this year!

Today you will create a card for your mother or a loved one at home and save it as a PDF!

PDF: Personal Document Format - This is a file that can viewed on a multitude of devices and is not limited to only word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. It keeps the original formatting of the file from the creator.

You will need to have the following to earn full credit:
-Name of recipient (Grandma, Mom, etc. are acceptable) 1pt
-A personal message (Formatted fancy-style) 2pts
-Relatable Images (2 Images minimum - Use iClipart website below) 2pts
----NO OUTSIDE WEBSITES aka Google Search Images
-Who it is from (Your name) 1pt
-Attached your final card as a PDF in the assignment 2pts

-DO NOT SEND! (However, obtain your mother's or loved one's e-mail so I/you can send them during our next class.) DO NOT SEND WITHOUT PERMISSION! Doing so may result in computer privileges lost.

-You can search by keywords or view by most popular.
-This is a COPYRIGHT FREE WEBSITE. Meaning, you may copy and paste these images with full permission from the owners and use them freely.

To copy and USE image in Google Slides:
1. Click on the image you want from its preview.
2. When loaded, Right Click (two-finger for chromebooks) and click the "copy image" selection.
3. Go back to your Google slides and press "Crl-V" or Right Click (two-finger for chromebooks) and click "Paste Image".

Create a PDF!

Don't forget to submit COMPLETED WORK! Failing to do so will result in a reduction of points.

*If you complete early, check your background and make sure it has an overall theme.



End of the Next Class Period



    Google Slide (Landscape Formatted Blank)


Resources final.png
    JPEG of "E-Card How to Make a PDF.jpg"

A PDF version of their created Mother's Day Card