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4:3 Ratio

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What people are saying...

"These made a beautiful bulletin board. The students and I highlight and talk about the scientists on there. I love the mixture of scientists that are featured. Thank you!!"

-Meghan G.

"This is my first year teaching science in a departmentalized setting, and I used these posters for a bulletin board in my room. My students and I absolutely love them! It was the first thing they were drawn to when entering my classroom. Great resource!"

-Cassandra S.

"Using it for a year long bulletin board!"

-Molly R.

"These emoji borders are so cute! I used them to make digital certificates for my students during the school closure. I will continue to use them in years to come."

-Lauren P.

"This is an awesome, useful product, and great for making handouts, worksheets, and cards! I appreciate all the time and effort you took putting this together and creating it!"

-Amy T.

"This is great.  My theme for my class is emojis so this is an added bonus, especially with all the hopeful hints on the template. Thank so much.  It's perfect for Kindergarten."

-Shemeada C.

"Way cheaper than purchasing ready made name tags and they look super cool matching my emoji theme."

-Colleen W.

"Love all of the color and design options!  Going to use these to organize my classroom library book bins.  Thank you!"

-Debbie H.

"Perfect for my lab! Can't wait to use them and I'm going to laminate them"

-Tiffany L.

"Used this for a bulletin board, but I'm certain it will come in handy in other ways in my classroom.  These numbers really pop."

-Jeanna S.

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