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Students will research 1 of your favorite saints and create a "Digital Postcard" using Google Slides with 1 image and 2 quotes from your saint.



Goal: You will research 1 of your favorite saints and create a "Digital Postcard" using Google Slides with 1 image, 2 quotes from your saint, and correct citations.
You are encouraged to add more than just two quotes!

1. Click on the attached file, "Favorite Saint Quotes".
2. Once opened, change the background color by clicking the button at the top of your slide: "Background..." Click the color box, pick it and then click done. Your background should have changed color! Do this to both slides.
3. Research your saint online using this website only: http://www.catholic.org/saints/
Provide the URL for your image and 2 quotes on the 2nd slide, your "Sources" page provided. The template is already made for you.
5. Do not forget to ADD QUOTATIONS: " " around your quotes.
6. ONLY after you have used the catholic.org website, you may then ask your teacher for permission to search here https://www.kidzsearch.com/ for more information about your saint.
7. Submit when finished.

*Trick to get picture URL: Right-click (two-finger click on chromebooks) and go to "Copy image URL" or "Copy image address then go and paste it directly into your sources page.

Grading Rubric:
-Saint name 1pt
-Picture and source 2pts
-2 Quotes and sources 4pts
-Your name 1pt
-Both backgrounds have the same color 2 pts

Saints are incredible people who lived for God in all of their decisions, they are here to help us and guide us how to be closer with God. Take some time out of your day to say, "Thank you God for all your marvelous saints!"



End of the Next Class Period



    Favorite Saint Quotes Video Tutorial 20 min.
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    Favorite Saint Quotes Google Slide (Blank Template)
    Favorite Saint Quotes SAMPLE PDF

Favorite Saint Quote Google Slide