A Very Basic Substitute Lesson Plan

As the title suggests this is a very basic sub sheet for your substitute. If you are already utilizing Google Classroom and your students have been using it with you, then this Substitute Plan is perfect for you!

I created this basic template for the main goal of obtaining absences with a few notes. This is absolutely NOTHING compared to the detailed lesson plans I make for technology teachers who want to introduce and teach a fun tech project. Check out my FREE Google Maps Lesson Plan here.

This basic sub plan is what I like to think of as a simple lesson plan for simple folk. Meaning, many times I will have substitute teachers who do not know much about computers let alone be able to teach a lesson about a tech-related concept with websites and document files, etc. So with the brave souls willing to substitute for a technology class, I try to take ALL of the work off their plate and make sure the class flows as normal as possible even without me there. That said, I post ALL of my directions for students on their specific Google Classroom for them to read, follow along, and complete the assignments. I always include the exact directions I give to my students on the substitute sheet that way they don’t have to log into anything and I don’t have to share my login information.

The example lesson given is a “Typing Day” which students are familiar with and would have no problem continuing further lessons. Many times if we are in the middle of a project, I will post directions to continue that lesson. For those surprise sick days or anything else, this makes for a nice productive day without a lot of planning since they are familiar with the routine

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