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"I used this project with all of my chemistry classes and an ESL class. For my chemistry classes I left it as a project while I was out of the classroom doing ACCESS testing. The results of the project were phenomenal. I will be showcasing my student work at our upcoming STEAM Night/Student Show Case. I think that the students enjoyed the real life topic. I appreciated the clarity of the assignment and the ease of grading using the check list provided."   -Rachel S.

Science Digital Breakout

  • Earth Day Mayhem!

Science Specific:

  • Earth Day History

  • How students can help the planet

  • Paper facts

This Digital Breakout will help your class develop:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Resourcefulness

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Motivation and Engagement


Page Format






4:3 Ratio

Science Borders DOUBLE BUNDLE: Chemistry Borders Page and Landscape Page Borders Page Frames Chemistry Slide Borders Air Molecules Assorted Atoms Lab Equipment Mole Avogadro's Number Water Molecules Acids and Bases Atoms Glassware Large Molecules Periodic Table Classroom Handouts Lab Handouts Newsletters Lesson Plans PowerPoint Google Slides Student Awards Lab Station Signs 80 Borders 10 Chemistry Borders Mr and Mrs Rooster

Page & Slide


(Portrait & Landscape)


4:3 Ratio

Slide Format



7.5x10 (4:3)



SETS 1 & 2




Chemistry Borders


Air Molecules

Assorted Atoms

Lab Equipment

Mole (Avogadro's #)

Water Molecules


Acids and Bases



Large Molecules

Periodic Table


What people are saying...

"This is an awesome resource to use! I appreciated the differentiated project types as my students were able to choose a presentation style suitable to them. My students had a great time! This project worked well for my lesson on Global Warming. Will use this project again in the future! "

-Ebony C.

"These made a beautiful bulletin board. The students and I highlight and talk about the scientists on there. I love the mixture of scientists that are featured. Thank you!!"

-Meghan G.

"This is my first year teaching science in a departmentalized setting, and I used these posters for a bulletin board in my room. My students and I absolutely love them! It was the first thing they were drawn to when entering my classroom. Great resource!"

-Cassandra S.

"This was incredibly useful for my EL class. Thank you!"

-Jessica G.

"This is an awesome, useful product, and great for making handouts, worksheets, and cards! I appreciate all the time and effort you took putting this together and creating it!"

-Amy T.

"Awesome resource! Easy to use, ready to print and my students loved working on the different projects :)."

-Taylor C.

"Outstanding activity! I used this with Google classroom and the students were totally engaged."

-Kelly T.

"Love all of the color and design options!  Going to use these to organize my classroom library book bins.  Thank you!"

-Debbie H.

"Perfect for my lab! Can't wait to use them and I'm going to laminate them"

-Tiffany L.

"This is a fantastic resource! Thank you, so much!"

-Michele C.

"Outlining and taking notes is so hard for my son so we were happy to find this. Thanks."

-Jill C.

"The students loved this breakout!  Thanks for creating it!"

-Karen M.

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